One of the great advances in the field of dissemination of knowledge, is the emergence of blogs. Thanks to blogs, many people can tip their knowledge, experiences, materials, graphics, and in the end, everything that you want to share. This has been possible thanks to the ease with which offer systems for publishing blogs, which have a simple and intuitive interface that requires practically no knowledge of web design. Due to the appearance of advertising on web sites, also it has become possible to the blogers could obtain an economic benefit by this activity. Blogs have multiplied in recent years, causing a real information revolution. There is practically no topic on which there are no published some blogs, although, as you might imagine, those issues that grouped the taste of the majority are the most numerous.

Due to this large amount of blogs that exist, it is clear that not everyone can be successful. To not create a failure, it is necessary to take into account a series of guidelines that all good blogger should know and follow in detail. Tips for having a successful blog a blog is a website, so the same rules which are valid for classic web sites, it also are to blogs. We can say that a good blog must meet the following conditions: must be visually attractive.You must have quality web content.Your reading should be enjoyable and fun.You must provide access to content, for example with a good web navigation.Its update should be periodic and permanent. Web design blog all have entered once somewhere that it is not nice, whose web design appears as careless. This first impression that visitors receive is very important. Visitors are taken very little time to determine if what they see is what they want or like.

Therefore, in addition to following the rest of the guidelines, we must care for the presentation of the blog. Thanks to the implementation of web templates that can be found all over the web and in many cases are free, it is possible to achieve adequate general presentation of the blog. With respect to the application of templates, must be careful with that design is consistent with the type of content being published. Obviously a blog aimed at sports comments can not be presented in the same way as one devoted to fashion. But the visual aspect of the blog depends also on how the posts are published. In addition to ease of reading, the division of web texts into paragraphs of moderate extensions, also contributes with the visual presentation. Another important aspect is how the images and videos; are located all this must be done taking into account the principles of web design. In the next installment we will see background how should keep a blog with updated content.