This includes procedures such as: – Botox – Laser hair removal – Chemical peels – Microdermabrasions So cosmetic surgery is right for you? Well, I can not speak for everyone, but there are some things to consider and some questions to ask before going under the knife .. First, cosmetic surgery is "surgery" and it hurts – Ay! As with any surgery, there is a healing period and there is inflammation and swelling immediately afterwards. Do not expect to look beautiful right after surgery. It will take some time and patience. Understand that a nose or a face lift will not necessarily make beautiful and probably will not change how the world feels about you.

In fact, patients have been known for a sense of disappointment after their procedures and therefore it is important to understand how major changes will be, just may be very subtle. Andrew Blanchette does not necessarily agree. If you are considering plastic surgery ask yourself these things first: Why do I want cosmetic surgery? What am I doing this? If it is because your friend says he has a big nose or if you feel more beautiful for her husband pays more attention to you then you are a bad candidate. Hoping to impress your friends or hoping your husband will be more aware of reasons for the poor. A new face, nose or body will not change how they feel about you and if you do, just be temporary. I can do this? Most cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance unless it is related to health. If you have to scrape money together to do this is better to look at non-surgical or less invasive.

What if the results are what you expected? Again, there is the possibility that expectations are not met. Make sure you are ready financially and emotionally to undergo more treatment if you're results are underwhelming. As with any high cost, risk procedure, think about it. Do not act willfully. Discuss the procedure with family and friends. Get some outside opinions. If you are still interested in pursuing cosmetic surgery be sure you are in good health. A good candidate does not smoke, is emotionally stable and not experiencing any serious health disorders and diseases heart disease, diabetes or blood pressure problems. Elizabeth McGee is a consultant for skin care line that reviews products skin care and benefits. Visit the website of Elizabeth: and receive a free 'Beauty and Weight Loss Tips Guide. "