Brenda Liz Gines

Do not get bored with your scarf and wear it with versatility in 23 Ways! cashemire. The nominated a scarf, pashmina, scarf, Kefi, scarves, textile additives neck … It was very fashionable to use the scarf as an accessory, even in summer – now that the colder months approach means that we will continue using it . For countries where the temperature does not change much (Caribbean) we can continue to use the scarf as an accessory in our wardrobe (not just the neck to protect from the cold). For your contentment, we give you the great news that you can wear the scarf in 23 different shapes and styles! First, find out who to keep you from wearing the scarf in the same way, we show you what will also be a topic of conversation to others, we recommend you take her unique style of Brenda Liz Gines.

1. BLG scarf style (for light fabrics, manageable) This elegant style you do it in four steps: a. place the center of the scarf under the chin b. ends leads to back of the neck and crosses c. then you take the ends to the front d. and put both ends from outside to inside the circle, 2 times around the neck 2.

CHIC (open at the collar) 3. cross back four. BOHO CHIC (forward cross) 5. Asymmetric / Classic (an extension of the scarf is in front and one in back) 6. completely around the neck (it is recommended to warm the neck and protect the throat).