Builtin Policy

The policy must now decide what to do many ask themselves the question: “Why you can not worldwide agree on effective control of the financial markets?” The responsibility, the answer to this question, are the Governments of the Nations. But exactly this democratically elected leaders are not able themselves to bring a group to the settlement and thus a neutralization of the financial markets. It is not the many political directions, which collide with each other and not let the group, but the impotence of politics and on the other side of the power of capital. The capital in international financial markets – lives and thrives with the help of speculation in all its macabre manifestations. Money is capital and means power and of the capital can never have enough. It is a greedy parasite in the skins of economies and peoples, who can never get enough. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gregory Jacobs. “Money rules the world”. This coherent phrase was and is always reality.

For the Governments, which Yes govern, i.e. they are in This power, the power of capital, and his machinations integrated, a part of the capital and protect its interests. The damage, through these, yes we say, facts are arranged are devastating for the economies and the people. We may visit this damage and blemishes the economies currently and powerless to free seats to watch what is happening and take note of. There’s more for the people and the people not to do. Although, we must proclaim our opinion on the matter democratically, but she made unheard echoes in the halls of capital that all refuted everything but also economists and political scientists with the help of bankers, economists, and dismantled. The capital has no right or wrong only power and money. The capital is also not a person you could talk to and agreements, no capital is not directly accessible anonymously and as such.