Business Intelligence

Conclusions Management without a structuralized guide of pointers are as dirigirum car I only hoist myself for the retrovisores, sees everything what it passed and alone oque passed. The methodology of the BSC (Marking balanced) of Norton eKaplan proclaims that for each one of the goals searched in the atingimento of umobjetivo, a pointer must be defined to evaluate the result of the initiative. More looked for when the companies face turbulences, and its somais results perceived clearly, in way the crises. When the necessity exists demudana, the controlling needs an instrument to control the situation. This does not mean that the same one must be used for apagarincndios. According to consultoria Gartner its implementation in empresassaudveis is the equivalent to remodel the roof in the summer as preparative paraquando the cold of the winter to arrive.

It has more possibilities of success if used in common set system of Business Intelligence (BI). After all, it is based in information, therefore, base of extration and analysis of data, that is what a solution deBI makes, forms a perfect pair with the methodology. The use of this methodology in a quandoimplementada organization internally, will go to assist the company to focus its resources nassuas with priority initiatives and also to assist in the daestratgia development of the organization for all the professionals of the company, that saberocom more clarity which its paper in this context. Bibliographical references BROADBENT, M.; WEIL, P. Management by maxim: how business and it managers can create itinfrastructures. Sloan Management Review.