Business Needs

The majority of companies in these days is based on a computer science network. Many computers realise thousands of tasks per second, from the control of lines of production, orders in existence, preparation of financial registries and communication with computers of other networks – often from another side of the world. The computers use only one thing to make a pursuit of all these tasks: the time. The fechadores clocks otimestamps is the unique reference of the computers for when an event or task takes place in relation to other events. The computers measure the time in periods of milliseconds (thousandth of second), since they can carry out hundreds of processes per second A known world-wide calendar as UTC (Tiempo Universal Coordinado) has been developed to assure that the computers of different organizations anywhere in the world can be synchronized together.

Then, what happens if the clocks of the computers do not agree to each other or with UTC? The consequences to put to work a network with computers that are not synchronous they can be disastrous. Here they are five reasons for which all the companies need suitable synchronization networks using a servant NTP (Network Time Protocol) or another type of device of servant of hour of network 1. The tasks stop being fulfilled: When the computers are being executed in different times, the events in different machines can stop happening, frequently a PC can assume that an event already has happened in another machine, if the time for the event has happened in agreement with its own clock. And what is worse, when a task fault has an effect chain with other tasks that stop passing and these as well, they cause the failure of more additional tasks. 2. Loss of Data: When the tasks stop being fulfilled note soon, but when the networks are not synchronous data, which is understood are kept, they can easily be lost and happen unnoticed during enough time.