Call Centre Opportunities

The main challenge for call-center (call center, call-center) is considered high quality processing of incoming calls. Quality treatment is not only receiving and processing all incoming calls, and especially in the economic crisis, it is necessary also be able to save on processing. Well, for example, the client should learn the news of the company or its address. In such cases, use of interactive voice response (answering machine, IVR). Answering machine (IVR) allows accept and process half of the calls without the call-center operators.

Much reduces the percentage of lost calls in the intelligent routing the call center. Analysis of the information in the initial stage of processing to redirect the call and connect the client with the appropriate specialist. This will save time waiting for the client and by eliminating many switching, enhance the positive effects of service call center. Obtaining complete information about the customer from the database along with a call to the screen call-center operator will reduce processing time and the call allow the operator to handle more calls. For example, the operator receives a number calling a person at the same time with the company name, the name of the head, name, contact name, scope and history of the settlement of these accounts.

In the case when all operators are busy call center, a large interactive effect will inform callers about the waiting time in queue. According to statistics, customers expect twice as long, if they get this information. In the absence of time, you can leave a message on answering machine with the opposite number to contact the call-center operators with a customer. Ability to communicate with the call-center operators, not only through phone. Communication customer via e-mail, a form of support on the web site of the company or ICQ client for cheaper long-distance (international) call. Such methods of communication with the operators of the call center will handle more requests without diverting and without waiting for a response call-center operator. Less important work to increase the number of calls handled is to optimize and monitor the operation of the call center: Detailed statistics allow managers and call-center supervisors to monitor illegal activities call-center operators in the mode of on-line. The presence of slices of statistics of call center for specific time intervals allows the complex to analyze and predict the quality of customer service and call center load. Knowing these parameters may make some adjustments to the call-center to increase the number of calls handled at a lower cost. Ability to record call call-center operator makes it easier to resolve conflict, and the possibility of a permanent record of conversations and screen operators – to identify and prevent further instances of poor service. With detailed statistics for each call-center operator can decide issues related to the account of working hours and corresponding adjustment of monetary payments to operators. Competent organization of working places of the call center and to minimize the routine operations performed by increasing their job satisfaction, increases the number of serviced calls and the company's revenues.