Canary Islands President

During my stay in Virgen de la Oliva (2002-2004), I asked a partner, rude agricultural entrepreneur: how will the business? Answer me everything seriously: the business?, uncle Theodosius business. A match I am going to get and I will send the vines and olive trees to another neighborhood. We were in full sanitation and reorganization of the company and all were settings and settings and the man exploded. Subsequently, that was always what I us laughed with Uncle Theodosius. Apparently, the such Theodosius was an inhabitant of the village, Mollina. I have to give and give her words of that type. My brain creates, and above all, adopts phrases, for me funny, who are left orphaned in the wind of life. I am telling you the last and term.

Back in 1996, during my stay in Madrid, arranging a Confederation of business organizations, it had long conversations with members the confederal directive and, above all, with the Executive Committee and its President, Heliodorus…Such was the cluster of goals that we had on the table, that the days leading up to the boards was a man to a mobile stuck. It began with the Secretary and ended with the President (between half the Vice President, members of the committees and Presidents of business organizations in all Spain, which were nineteen). As I knew that they had many issues to propose and to avoid getting a new phone call, when they finished talking, inquiria les: more things. One day, Heliodoro released subsequent to the policy food: is the first time in my business life, which is already long, as a collaborator, after asking a cluster of themes, then tells me: more things. Manolo, I am pleasantly surprised. Long laughter of Diners was sonada. Another day will tell you it evacuate the report (the Canary Islands President revolcaba of laughter) and other stories that made my career path was dotted with many moments Welcome. Manuel Velasco Carretero original author and source of the article