Casting For The Television Series “I See The Sun”

The special thing about it is that children and young people write the screenplays and actively participate in the series. They are instructed by experienced acting teacher and Director Marina of Stroganoff, who had the idea for this project. The broadcast on German television. For this first shot a pilot which then serves as a reference for the application at various TV stations. 40 Interested kids came for the first casting. Forty interested children and adolescents were the Sun on Sunday which I see invitation to the casting for the new TV series”followed.

They were full of expectations in the school of music and art marina of Stroganoff”. The youngest candidate was nine, the oldest at the age of 17. They all want to play with from November as extras or bit player in the weekly SOAP. After a short presentation of yourself, the kids in front of the camera were allowed to try out. They were of the Director Marina by Stroganoff supported and inspired. The special feature of the new series is that the scripts for the most part by the young people themselves are written. First, a 100-minute pilot episode is produced. This serves as a basis for more 25-minute episodes, which should be regularly rotated from next year.

The locations are located in Saxony and Thuringia. The plans currently focus on Gera, Zwickau, Altenburg and Glauchau. Later added more cities and towns. Action centers are school, apartment, horse farm, Court, disco, downtown, Church, Castle, and a lake for screenplay template.