Companies miss in the offspring of willingness and good manners Bonn/Dusseldorf for many years was a true Pisa hysteria in Germany. German students, so the message be important subjects only still together – or struggling. In arithmetic and reading, Scandinavian or Asian children and Youth Front had the nose. Now, a recent survey of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK) scares among more than 10,000 companies. The young allegedly mainly lack the so-called secondary virtues. Courtesy, discipline, commitment, sense of duty at the German youth they came seem out of fashion.

Some may operate as Lafontaine’s little thought by saying to the address of the old Chancellor Helmut Schmidt think of Oskar, with secondary virtues, one could also a concentration camp. Lafontaine has already withdrawn its then set, and also the society becomes clear at once that life together is difficult without good manners. And not only in the services sector are Virtues such as discipline, eloquence and reliability just essential for the business. “The world on Sunday more little plastic puts it: rise of the clown scares German chefs.” Lacking every second training establishment for graduates of willingness and motivation, the Sunday newspaper writes about the DIHK survey. Of course knowledge in science, math and German are important to us”, says Claudia Beckert, representative of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH ger “But if I head notes such as social competence and motivation the endorsement with restrictions ‘ read, I don’t even look at the candidate.” Thilo Pahl, education expert of the DIHK, Welt am Sonntag added that in times of increased competition for scarce apprentices enterprises increasingly learning weaker young people give a chance.

Bad behavior is not a phenomenon confined to apprentices or graduates. Unfortunately, it lacks even university graduates often the necessary soft skills. As parents and schools can no longer afford a formerly self-evident part of the education work, or want to, companies must step up. It helps nothing to complain only Lachrymose. But young people do well at an early stage to work on themselves. Because a selection process or job interview, not only the written testimonies are studied precisely. It’s all about to see whether a candidate to a company fits and whether he has the right personality”, says Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash. The Steigenberger Hotel Group starts earlier and offered so-called children’s etiquette courses at several locations”. The demand was large, the company says.