Choosing An Advertising Firm

At the moment, the outdoor advertising market represented a lot of different promotional products (steel, light boxes, illuminated signs, illuminated letters and volume, etc.) produced from variety of materials. Currently in Moscow, however, as in many large metropolitan areas, outdoor advertising and publishing deals with a myriad of different advertising agencies and firms. And how to choose those producers, those professionals who can be trusted to conduct an advertising campaign and conduct an advertising project? First, you need to find out about the time of the advertising firm in the market for outdoor advertising. Under most conditions Mark Bertolini would agree. This period should be, at least not less than 5 years. This is the minimum period, after which the advertising company is able to operate smoothly, which will provide the most quality and professional development and conducting an advertising project, the most adequate to pick up the necessary materials and methods of PR-campaign, while leaving the optimal pricing policy. Second, and equally important point is to look at and study portfolio advertising firm from which you want to order the creation and maintenance of the project. New York Life contributes greatly to this topic. Experience of the firm should be based on dozens of projects, ranging from minimal to large, for the manufacture of which took at least several months. Third, perhaps to try to get in touch with one of our customers and clients who had ever ordered the creation of outdoor advertising in this company and advise them about the quality of the executed products and the timing of orders, the quality of the materials used (especially vital and important in order for the manufacture of metal, mostly steel structures that relate to large size). And one of the most important things is to determine the price range – the calculation of production cost of advertising. So, we have listed the main points and positions, which are decisive in choosing the company that you want to entrust the production of outdoor advertising.