City Saint

NARRATOR: soon I was arrebatado in spirit, and here it is that a throne was rank there and one seated on the throne. around of it had ancios that they adored what lives for all always, saying: (The chorale sings: Saint) NARRATIVE: vi a new sky and a new land. Because already the first sky and the first land they had passed, and the sea already does not exist. vi the city saint, the new Jerusalem, that of God went down of the sky, adereada as wife ataviada for its husband. will not have more night there, and they will not need light light bulb nor of the sun, because Mr. Deus the alumia; will reign for all always. ACT 6 (Hymn: ground: City Saint) OCCULT VOICE: Fortunate those that wash its vestiduras in the blood of the Lamb, so that have right to the tree of the life, and can enter in the city for the doors! NARRATOR: This is the wonderful plan of God. God created the man so that the man adored the Creator and had with It the deepest relationship of love! God created the man to live in harmony with its fellow creatures! But the Satan, the old serpent of the den, tried to hinder that this happened and caused the fall of the human being in sin.

Then, God provided the redemption of the world through its Son. It came, died and resurged so that all that one that believes faithful in this does not perish, but has the perpetual life, with it in the sky. that we commemorate today is the fulfilment of the promise of God, is the coming of the Messias, the birth of that already it started to jam the head of the serpent of the deceit. Everything this seems something uncommon and it is really, something that the love of God would only be capable to plan. (Hymn: Uncommon? Rogrio Kings) the chorale if removes to the sound of the piano.