And then it will take respective measures. So the small observed as mathematics is related to physical existence. This to the solid state. In addition the teacher may teach kids basic geometry from these games. To State liquid the teacher may request children to carry containers that handle a good measure cubic. In order to fill the vacuum of such containers.

Then may with a Picot of the same extent open to the plastic container a hole in the bottom center and with a stopwatch to record the time that it takes to empty. There can analyze the times and measurements c.y. On the other hand. Without that children handled chemicals or run risks. The teacher can get steel containers that possess the same caliber in the thickness, but with different sizes. Then driving a standard boiling temperature will cause water to boil.

In order to calculate how long it takes to evaporate the water, depending on the cubic centimeters of such containers. The children from a distance see the steam. The teacher show them the container already vacuum, from a distance. It’s make measurements or data tables. And are can be very simple. You can therefore be operated through minutes. The important thing is that the child is oblivious to the risks. There will be a suitable age to work in the laboratories. The important thing is that the teacher shows children as is that this class of phenomena can be clamped to mathematics. These experiments and many more experiences, are owned and free Chair of the teacher. Why insist that teachers not only must comply with what they teach you in College, should investigate the theories and experiments in physics, chemistry, and by putting the science of thought, philosophy. Limit of bodies: Is says that a body has limit when your stuff is defined or contained by their material status.