Colombian Television

Something similar would happen the day you are given just end to the two older programs Colombian television, like affront, that neither they wish, immediately return to the air through a writ of protection established by Ana Victoria Beltran, Luis Eduardo Motoa and El Flaco Agudelo for violation of the right to work. According to Danske Bank, who has experience with these questions. A different musical famous “Show of Stars”, almost certainly would have nothing to deal with the seniority of an icon in this genre television as Jorge Baron, who despite none of their offspring will succeed him in his tireless work television for the missing days, depend upon it that he will have a clone that will give the famous kick and throwing the fate aguita pa ‘my people. In short, not to sack them more reason to shine without leaving the crazy floor applications from the unpredictable ago Colombian viewers, but if I have some recommendations are unique programming that maybe they could pay off: 1) A program grated cultural well led by the triumvirate consisting of Drs Alberto Casas Santamaria, Nestor Armando Alzate and his friend Juan Manuel Serna currently debating the country, the Colombian political history, the sound of a chocolate with arepa paisa from Santa Fe. 2) A program of local and international cuisine presented and directed by Carolina Cruz, Ana Karina Soto and Natalia Paris. With special guests as Rochi Stevenson, Andrea Serna and Angely Moncayo among others.

3) A program called “Rich and Famous” focused on an exclusive audience, produced and presented by Julio Sanchez Cristo, Noemi Sanin and Pilar Castano, dedicated to interviewing the world’s billionaires, a guide to high fashion and label president, obviously only for people with an IQ Plus Ultra and an incalculable fortune. 4) A miniseries called “Who loved to Yiddish” based on the testimony of a book written by a guy who was condemned, vilified, loved and hated by several men, who used and then washed their hands if they saw it, and do not know. It should be noted that this miniseries may be cut or vetoed despite its plot and characters are fictitious. 5) A family program directed to women: “How to be a good mom,” produced by Paula Andrea Betancourt and presented by Marvel. 6) “Civility and good manners”: space conducted by Don Martin de Francisco and Jediondo, sponsored Merceditas exclusive and Gerardo de Francisco Baquero, executive produced by Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Veronica Orozco. If you dear reader have more suggestions for programming for the third TV Channel in Colombia do not hesitate to write me, maybe that what today we are only intentions for change, become realities, not more of the same!.