' We go to think about the things from above ' ' Colossensses 3 1 – Therefore, if already you revived with Christ, you search the things that are from above, where Christ is seated to the right hand of God. 2 – You think about the things that are from above, and about that are not of the land; This text says of a very strong moment in the life of apstolo Pablo, because it had tried this, thinking about the things that are from above and not in that they are of the land. We are living a cleanness moment and when we allow to be clean for God, we do not imagine what It will go to make, we are branches, we are enxertados in the grapevine that is Jesus, but the Father is the agriculturist and is It whom he trims and he cuts, will be itself necessrio.' ' All branch that will be in me and not to give to fruit the Father will go cortar' ' , without half words, It cuts. The cleanness of God is daily. This cleanness reaches areas that people the little wait, most important are opening in them to be clean.

Ro 8:28 ' ' we know that all the things contribute together for the good of that they love the God, of that are called according to its propsito' '. In this time of organization it requires of us effort, desire, delivery and to launch in the arms of the Father all our limitations This necessary cleanness to start in our minds that are the target of the enemy, therefore its objective is to attack it, if not opening in them for this process of cleanness, we will leave that this enters in our hearts. ' ' The evil is not what it enters, but what it leaves our mouth of homem' ' (TM 15:11), because it enters in the mind, we store in our hearts and we liberate through words and attitudes.