What does being an entrepreneur? Some people may think that a weird bug, but I think that many think that an entrepreneur is a person with concerns, illusions and eager to carry them out, and why do that question? well I do because I believe that nothing more beautiful than dream, have enthusiasm to create and do new things, in summary there is: embark. Searching and reading on the internet among other means, I have found the values and virtues that define an entrepreneur: honesty, friendship, solidarity, excellence and responsibility, what do you think? share this definition? And best of all, is not that, are the attitudes of the entrepreneur: have clear goals in life. Believing in the project itself. Things do not happen by themselves but it self make it happen. Devote all the time, resource and effort required to achieve our goals. It is necessary to take risks in life and enjoy these challenges.

Have great energy. Knowing that act with honesty is beneficial. Assess the perseverance and effort. Commitment to work with ethics. Engage with environmental and social factors be a good Communicator.

Give you the passion of love for what we do. See failure as the path to success. Acquire technical knowledge. Get more background information with materials from Rusty Holzer. Be aware that first capital and the most important thing in a venture is oneself.