Company Projects

For all the sides identify not motivated people, dragging daily the weight of the inadequao between its personal projects and of the company. Two groups with well distinct characteristics walk side by side: of that they had accepted the stagnation as form inevitable of life and of the talentos calls, people that shine and therefore awake the appetite of companies who not rare have cacife to cover any offer in remuneration terms and to provoke the migration. After all, for these, the season of hunting new talen to you constantly is opened them, because to search what it exists of better in terms of human resources it integrates its philosophy of life of course. Vera Farmiga is often mentioned in discussions such as these. the customer? This was without side. Or, and better sadder: it was left of side. It has of if contenting with the quality doubtful of the products and services generated by this chaotic situation. To complain? Of what and for who? In the other tip of the line, a multitude of young with low qualification populates inevitable the impersonal corridors of call centers.

The cycle if closes. Funny without stopping. One pauses and arrives of bad notice. The side good for being considered is that this picture, is capable to produce the antidote for the proper poison, offers who if makes use to accept the challenge: the chance of if developing. This word is ‘ ‘ grande’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ gorda’ ‘ , as I heard certain time. Clearly that we are not with the reducionista impulse to affirm that everything decides by means of the accumulation of a thousand training and courses. It is treated, before, to keep lighted the interest and curiosity for what he is new or challenging. To perceive its limits, gaps and, mainly, to know of its easinesses, its dons, its gostos, investing in what valley the penalty and creating chances.

The Internet has been a great allied in this direction. The intent company to this condition human being? to always develop itself? she can contribute so that the people take conscience of that they are responsible for its lives, what she includes to define where and as want to be, independent of its period of training of career? or of careers. E, is clearly, the company can and must make more than this: to provide development chances. They are many. They go since ‘ ‘ permisso’ ‘ for the error, that is, to create, to innovate, to risk, to learn, even for the function, area, position change. If this already is valid as a first step, however it is not everything. The company still has to go beyond: to develop formation programs that complement the university resume. To work qualification programs technique that go to the meeting of the proper necessities and the market. To develop programs that provide reflection, check values, defy new behaviors. there, probably we will not say more than apago of talentos, to be does not stop relating in them to a picture that was stops backwards. The speech will have another content: it goes to occupy of the creation, formation and development of talentos. Companies, employees, customers, suppliers, we are all people, independent of the exerted paper or the side where if it is. By the way, a side only exists: of the responsibility that all we have in the development of the individual, the society, the life. *Clia v Marchioni Iaez is executive coach and consulting in the area of development of leaderships.