Country Winner

The GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG would like to congratulate warmly all the winners of this year’s GASTRO AWARDs at national level at this point. The cuisine represents a leisure culture, not only in the respective Federal State, but nationwide. The tireless commitment to conduct its operation also by unfavourable market conditions and still maintain a consistently high quality standard, is appreciated here. Here, in other words, when the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG. You sees itself as a promoter and marketing partner of German gastronomy and characterized by an objective award concept. The award is the Gaston – a golden statue, which brings a proud 8 kg on the scale. And also the award is at least as weighty as this golden boy, as such.

She expressed confidence the national gastronomy of this country, she pays tribute to this sector as important cultural heritage, not only in economic life. The industry strongly supports the tourism of the respective federal province. “Gastronomy is a recreational facility, which” is accessible for all people and space are social life.” In an independent and fair competition, the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG is a positive signal for the industry and creates a sustainable strengthening for the companies. The winner of the GASTRO-AWARD’s 2009 in their respective State, see taking top 3 at federal level, and thus the nominated local for the Germany victory you at