Crisis Tendencies

The world of music MGP seems pawned on reviving a return of aesthetic of the pin up that the surroundings of the fashion had accepted with the same speed with which soon it get ready to bury it, as it does with the majority of the new features every four months. But singing of MGP easy, like Katy Perry, or with pretensions disc, like Lady Gaga, they seem to persist in the idea that not only the pin up has not died but waits for one long life to him, although some precursors of this Renaissance, as the eccentric artist of burlesque Bond von Teese no longer is indeed fashionable. This nostalgia of the pin up is not an exclusive phenomenon of the Anglo-Saxon world. In Spain there are similar cases, as those of the presenter of television To pound Blonde or the singer Sara give Pin Up, of the Moloco group. The pin up is the girl of illustration of calendar of the Forties in the United States. Basically it is born from the hand of illustrators, most outstanding of who it is Gil Elvgren, the equivalent to Norman Rockwell and that reflects the same type of optimistic North America innocent, only who in the case of Elvgren was clear that in addition she thought about sex. America de Rockwell was totally lacking of eroticism, whereas the one of Elvgren it was impregnated deeply of sensuality. The return of the pin up takes place in any case of the hand of the musical industry, and not as much of the fashion.

It will be necessary to consider, seeing the persistence if in the era of Internet myspace is trendy more than It rows. The Californian Katy Perry runs the risk of being the typical artist of a single song, with its I kissed to girl. Its aesthetic one, as much in disc covers as in the celebrations in which he is habitual vindicates the most classic image of the pin up. More far from the canon, Lady Gaga, that the industry of the disc has wanted to send like a new Madonna, seems a revision of the girls of calendar in futurist key. In the Forties this type of explosive girl, of full curves and innocent attitude already was an impossible model.