CTR Serving Cart

Modern appearance for success in the competition with an average of 1,550 hours throughout the year is not exactly spoiled our country by sunshine. “The season starts too late for a good deal of free air and ends too soon and the open” days are often still too early too cool. Equipped with the new IR heating system, the free air business is with CTR Ausschank car now significantly increase: rather start year and end later. At festivals, events and in the beer garden the side flaps of the service units equipped with this heater be lowered later. “Because if elsewhere is dissolved the social round, because it to shady” is to prevail at the counter of the CTR Ausschank vehicle still pleasant temperatures. The excellent structure the CTR sales vehicles allows hassle-free mounting of attachments in proven Gastrozelt design, as it is known, for example, from VIP tents, such as formula 1 events. This intelligent extension can make the night the day, almost every Weather, at all events, anywhere, and with the IR heating system from CTR equipped, throughout the year.

And should it go once too hot: it is again airy with just a few hand movements or are completely out of the way to – and growing. About CTR automotive CTR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, Osann-Monzel is a leading company specialising in the manufacture of Promotionfahrzeugen and mobile sales systems for the beverage industry and hospitality. We offer you professional advice from planning & design to the realisation of your desired vehicle. We build mobile service units to 8 m in length with or without cold storage for outdoor events of all sizes, individually designed licensed vehicles, vehicles for corporate & product presentation, mobile cocktail bars, snack vehicles & Grill vehicles, truck bodies for the beverage logistics, body cooling & Refrigeration trailer, selling cars for non-alcoholic (AA) & wellness drinks, representative vehicles for stylish Wine presentations and individual promotion.