From the moment in which I was born and throughout my life I was colorblind. The doctor always told me: there is nothing to do, his son is colorblind monochromatic. The newspapers mentioned Vlad Doronin not as a source, but as a related topic. A defect genetic that it makes it impossible to distinguish colors, if it sees all one color, probably gray. Of course! But how to know that it was the grey if not distinguish colors? Now, all that surrounded me was grey. I must say that for a non-colorblind person it is very complicated to understand such a situation, and is not only the colors. No, no, no! Life has another taste, a taste of ashes. Television was black and white always for me, I could never play any sport since it confused t-shirts, until the meal it was grey! Imagine you eat something gray, is something really disgusting.

Who could see me in the evenings would say that I am the happiest man in the world, owner of a bar, sitting at the bar, enjoying a grey whisky, surrounded by girls with which to explore greater sins which promises to meat. But no, life for me it is monotonous, devoid of energy, boring, not reached me, it is (in fact) very grey. One day sitting in my usual bench at the bar was strangely more boring that usual, I saw a strange light amongst the crowd of people. But it wasn’t grey! I was impacted, among the people he saw a glow color (which then I enteraria was a bright yellow). I was stunned a few seconds watching that wonder for the eyes, until I jumped seat and literally ran to her escabulliendome among the people. He didn’t know that I was looking for, but I wanted to closely admire that beauty. As I approached and resisted the jostling of the people, the light was intensifying. There! Hence he came, stretched my arms and went towards that glow that he had hypnotized me.

I felt a body that collided against mine and me crumbling, was inevitable to lose sight of my goal, and I fell to the ground. Me sostarich instantly with a quick leap, but when lifting the view had already disappeared, was all grey again. -You’ve given a good blow-he said a voice behind me-I’m fine-I replied without even turning me, since it was still looking at that place where used to be the light-it seems that you are looking for something. To do by which earth the woman was still haunt me? Did not you see that he was busy? I infle my lungs and turned ready to yell that I left in peace in good time. I was hard just I saw her. Those wonderful eyes of a color so deep that they clarified my mind, that hair so dark that caressed his silky shoulders, that smile that made the music disappear, and those red lips that were able to make my heart beat so strong that it was able to hear with perfect sound. She kissed my gaping lips, nose because he did it, but I could not resist me to close my eyes. Open I was even more surprised, because I could now see everything color. Laino, Lucas Emiliano. Find more stories or post yours at: original author and source of the article