If your voice heard questions: "What people say?", "How will I look in their eyes?", "What do think of me?" Means that this dependence is. There are also psychological problems arising from it. At the reception, 47-year-old woman, looking much older than his years, with depression and multiple somatic diseases, says that 25 years ago before it had to choose, whom to marry: a modest young man who she likes, or a prominent guy from wealthy family, a soul which did not lie. Mother, girlfriend, one vote, recommend the second option. The woman listened to them and did as it turned out, the wrong choice. Soon after the wedding, husband spree.

Like divorce, but the thought of what people would say, were not allowed to take the final decision. The mother also said that a divorce – it's a shame. It is better not to wash dirty linen in public, people will be condemned. Client had spent 25 years living in scandals and quarrels with the inner dissatisfaction. The woman looked back at the other, depended on their opinions, put the needs of his soul at last. Mistake was that her appearance was the main point. From the side it seemed that the family was secure and happy.

In fact, it was artificially created the illusion of prosperity. All his strength and energy spent on client support that illusion. In fact, she lived only for others to think that She is doing well. A client had to recognize the dependence on other people's opinions, to understand what is always necessary to refer to his soul. If the head says "yes" and the soul to resist and say no, should listen to the choice of the soul. Now Think often you say: "I have to? Sometimes a person himself was driving in the framework of this concept, or is manipulated by others. degrades the quality of life, because it is voluntary slavery. Man does not do what he wants and what he thinks should be. If in the subconscious mind is the program , be sure there are people who use it for their own purposes. To make the most control over their lives, try to Replace "I must" to "I want". For example, instead of "I must help my family member to sit on a potato garden", say "I want to help your family member to plant potatoes in his garden." If you really want help. If you do not want to do it, and go just because you make using the word "shall" refuse. Your choice – to be free or come to terms with the fact that you manage others. You choose – to be winner or loser. If you want to be happy and feel the freedom, and say the following affirmation: "I owed nothing to anybody." We now turn to another phrase: "I have to." Often people believe that they should: parents, children, relatives, friends, society, etc. In these words, too, laid a negative sense, as they contribute to the accumulation in the human subconscious resentment, condemnation, anger, rejection, hatred, even if the surrounding is not justify his expectations. Realize that you are nobody and nothing should. Forgive those who have not accomplished what in your opinion, should have done. Clear all their claims. Speak to install a happy man: "I am nobody nothing should be. "