The stages are known. Negation (" it is not passing nada"). Rage (" why? "). Negotiation (" what I can make to pospone the inevitable thing? "). Depression (" it is not worth the pain to do nothing else; this acab"). See more detailed opinions by reading what Prudential offers on the topic.. Acceptance (" everything will come out well; the world will follow adelante"). These are the five stages of the duel that, according to Elisabeth Kbler-Ross, cross all that they face the death or a catastrophic loss. I suspect that Kbler-Ross never imagined useful how would be its scheme to understand the conduct of the confronted Governments with one serious financial crisis.

Through these stages they passed the Argentineans (several times), Brazilian, Mexican, Russian and Asian. Now it touches to Europe (and to the United States, but that is another history). I do not know – nor I believe that nobody knows how they are going to evolve the convulsions that are transfigurando the European economies or how the financial markets and the Governments in their interminable cycle of action and reactions will react. We know that the 150,000 million Euros that Europe sent to Greece did not buy much and that measured of austerity which until recently they were unimaginable already they have been adopted in threatened Italy, Spain and other countries. But nothing seems to work. Source of the news: : And how we left this?