Dogmtica Theology

… The discovery of the secular dimension and history is one of the factors that had contributed for the sprouting of the theology bblica' '. How much to the philosophical rationalism, one sees that the same it also has a relation very next to the Biblical Theology. In the truth, the Biblical Theology as it disciplines distinct in the theological field is a product of the impact of the Iluminismo on the Biblical studies. However, main responsible for the sprouting of the Biblical Theology it was, perhaps, German theologian Johann Philip Gabler (1753-1826). Gabler was the first theologian to consider a separation between the Dogmtica Theology (systematic) and the Biblical Theology. In reason of the speech that Gabler pronounced in Germany in 1787 whose heading, ' ' Speech on the had distinction between the Biblical and dogmtica Theology, and the specific objectives of each one ' ' , some scholars have associated with its name the sprouting of the Biblical Theology as he disciplines distinct in the field of the theology. Commenting on the method presented for Gabler, theologian Eugene Merril made the following comment: ' ' Gabler; when presenting its proper method, presented three main points: (1) it must have a clear distinction between divine Writing and the human being; (2) it must have distinction between the Biblical theology and the dogmtica; (3) ' ' ours filosofia' ' (that is, dogmtica theology), it must be constructed on foundation of the religion (that is, Biblical theology) ' ' .

However, Johann P. Gabler was not the only theologian who started a work in direction the Biblical Theology, had others beyond it. However, even so other theologians have made something seemed, can themselves be affirmed that Gabler was the first one to present of explicit form the separation of the Biblical Theology of the Dogmtica Theology. Inside of a point of view each racionalista time, other theologians of the Biblical area had started to execute the metodolgicos principles presented by Gabler.