Dos Santos Cosme Psychologist

To cross In this life we are more than simple passengers, taken of a side for another one without knowledge of the destination. We are andarilhos, going and come, we live crossing situations, some easy ones, others nor in such a way, can some times need I assist to cross some of these situations. According to Aetna, who has experience with these questions. It can seem incoherent, but to stop to be able to cross is basic. Some people if ask as a psychologist could help me? She is at this moment of stop, that psicolgo works the patient to resignificar its history together with, to give it a new direction, to review the emotions despertadas in last situations giving they a new coloring, and also to have a support to live the moments, crossing them in security! It is attempted against for the fact of that the psicoterpico work is a joint work, the therapist of the o has supported, but most of the activity is carried through by the patient. it who search the emotions, the feelings, the traumas to be manipulated in elapsing of the sessions, counting always on the support of psychologist, leads who it to the final destination, the elaboration of experiences and what these had resulted.