Dragon Veins

That the characters shown on the compass Lopan, which also must be able to read and use are determined by the orientation of the energy in this place. Even experienced practitioners, already feeling these energies the turned sixth sense, do not disdain to check your feelings with Lopan. What can we build a house for the most natural rights – to live on earth in a separate house, say in China. However, before you build a house (or buy an apartment), you need to decide exactly where it is located. We, of course, meticulously inspect the premises, arguing themselves hoarse on the issue of price and rejoice, if it is possible that some to acquire the coveted district of Moscow. All this is good, but how we will zhitsya in this house or apartment, also depends on what the energy of the Earth here.

Alexander Anishchanka says: 'It all starts with an understanding on what place is the house or we're going to build and what is inside, what energy flow – clean, bright, supportive person, or there are cracks the crust, and the effect will be negative. There is an ancient Chinese science, which is called Dee Lee – earth science. And the science of studying the energy flows within the Earth – Dragon Veins on its terms. Combining this with the ancient science of geodynamics of the Earth, we understand why these so-flow flows, why there geopathic zones and so forth. The Chinese did not explain. " – How large these flows? They may be different within a single home or multiple homes can be in one thread? – The day before yesterday we had training session in the apartment of one of his disciples, and found that some geopathic influences spread to the whole house.