Earn Normal Money

Good day. I'll start with a few words about myself. Work began as a student, moonlighting as a bartender at a local bar (in a small town) as soon as he graduated from the institute, once a job specialty – an accountant. I must say, did not a bad career, but after a couple of years, reached the pinnacle of this career ladder, and I realized that for me this is not enough to grow any longer (specifics of the enterprise, employees of accounting in other areas not taken), and pay is poor. Decided to look for a job with a normal (I thought) the level of payment, and found it.

Moved to another city (much more than the previous one), started almost an ordinary employee credit department, and two years later was promoted to department head. But in 2008 the crisis broke out, the firm felt it at the beginning of September, beginning salary delays, later lowering the payment for the new year to pay for virtually all stopped. Held until recently, looking for a way out of crisis, but hunger is not "aunt" to eat, too, want to, retired. Not a lot of rest, he decided to do sales, found a job – a dedicated sales manager (subordinate to the I have four sales representative). Powered by a producer from a small town, represent and sell its products in a larger city. At first things went well, interesting work, good pay, but "trouble" came from somewhere did not expect, I was faced with the reluctance of its leadership to take whatever that may be measures to increase sales, constant excuses for any suggestions on my part, the reluctance to conduct promotions, constant increase in prices (although in this city there is a local producer of similar products at lower prices). .