Eastern Europe

Paper bags – is a reliable packaging and containers for various kinds of products: food, household appliances, gifts, etc. Buy wholesale paper bags is advantageous and convenient, our high-tech equipment ensures packages are used for many different purposes: riteylerovskim setyat for sale or donation pokupaetelyam. Start the boom in demand for paper bags had at the beginning of the 2000s. Through its consumer qualities Paper bags are gaining popularity, partly displacing the plastic bags: A presentable appearance – paper bags a good choice for gift wrapping. Environmentally friendly materials – bags to be cardboard.

Type of paper depends on the purpose of the paper bags. For unusual packages are useful efalin, imitlin, playk and stained in bulk cartons. For standard offset paper bags, coated, kraft paper or cardboard. In Moscow and Moscow region is the largest in Russia and all Eastern Europe market for paper bags, this is a consequence of a high concentration of resources in Moscow (which is typical of some developing countries), which attracts millions of people in Moscow, creating the largest market, which is a major consumer of paper paketov.Pakety wholesale – of interest to businesses, from small to large. Production of Paper wholesale package provides a large reduction in the cost of production so that customers can buy packages in bulk at lower (and often multiple lower) compared to retail prices. Finished paper bags – Any type of paper bags, as opposed to custom packages, ready paper bags, of course, do not require time-consuming to produce them, so you can quickly get them zakazchiku.Podarochnye bags – used in presentation purposes. Follow others, such as urban treatment associates, and add to your knowledge base. Buy paper bags for packaging of corporate gifts and souvenirs as a private event for many companies.

Often, due to its qualities, namely paper bags used as gift. Paper bags under application – paper bags, prepared to inflict on them any pictures. Assembling paper bags – the best pickers packages using modern equipment reliably collect packages of all types. Double-sided adhesive tape for printing – this is double-sided adhesive tape for bonding packages and other printing products.