Economic Reform for Improved Economy

To quote an old adage: “Better late than never.” This could covers to the presentation of the government’s economic plan Rodriguez Zapatero will seek to ensure that the Spanish economy chance to recover from the crisis that strikes and other remains concerned about the entire population. Although delayed (for some, perhaps too much), the Spanish government designed a plan announced late last week and which provides structural reforms to overcome the current economic situation. This plan provides, among other reforms, facilities for the population to have access to ownership of council housing with the aim of relaunching the sector and solve the housing problem facing the people, while also includes reforms to benefit SMEs Spanish. But … What is the economic plan announced last week? Basically, the plan includes 24 economic reforms carried out in 2009 and 2010. These reforms are concentrated on strengthening six strategic sectors for the Spanish economy such as the housing, the SME sector, energy, telecommunications, transport and climate change. The project will consider reduction of administrative burdens in 70 procedures to increase competitiveness and productivity of enterprises.

The project also involves the injection of 20,000 million euros in the Spanish economy. Moreover, beyond these measures, Zapatero took the ad to suggest the European Central Bank to lower interest rates if international oil prices continue to decline. Is that this measure would benefit the Spanish economy and the restrictive monetary policy that the ECB has put forward the doubly damaging, because it is not useful to control inflation and deteriorates the competitiveness of their businesses.