What value is such as a business manager, a cat, or a tree? The human dignity and that human rights have no price in the thinking of the UN policy. Human dignity is an illiquid end in itself. ‘The Roland Berger Preis for human dignity is an international human rights award’, a reward, no and ver purchase price. The whole second world war killed around 60 million people. Taking the cost of this goldfish and divides it by the number of the dead, then is the price for one person and can be accounted to him – so the Schlichtdenke of cybernetic economists works.

A dead regularise the Americans in the Viet Nam war cost around $ 2.90 price of life from the perspective of an accountant? And the value of Vietnamese? Today one knows the price, of everything but nothing of value! (Oscar Wilde) ‘ The value of a bird which is actually a bird worth? -Economically only 3.1 Pfennig for the material. How would this Bill change, if you can see the living bird in the natural context and its Services it provides to its environment and thus for us, in mark and charged a penny?’ The late Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frederic Vester, (window book, Kosel Verlag) this is, I believe, the unqualified expression of qualified German biochemist, environmental experts and popular science author.

He has included with such as the ‘evolutionary cost’? And the value for the vitality of nature? Or the value for the mental Erbaulichkeit during the stay such as a forest or garden plot? And what is with ‘God’s hourly wage’? Every living thing consists of body (matter) and spirit (essence). Dog and cat owners know that 3.1 Pfennig may apply for the (insurance) price of a dead bird but never for a living. In the understanding of men, for which an animal a (UN value-) thing is! We need qualified inspection, vitalistic (Management 1st order, nature) and mechanistic systems (Cybernetics 3rd order, cultures) are different! Human dignity is a term that is in the German-speaking legal philosophy and legal theory for certain fundamental rights and rights of the people (this is to distinguish from the colloquial meaning of the word dignity).