Ecoville Urban

The infrastructure incorporation and the imaginary one on the nature placed for the real estate speculation satisfy the desires of that they possess economic conditions to consume, materialize its dreams of, in an only space, to have security, comfort and a nature that one provides ' ' good quality of vida' ' , thus not having immediate concern how much to the convivncia with the problems of the city, disrespecting the existing connections, as it detaches Corra (2000, p.11): ' ' The urban space is broken up, therefore it possesss different types of use – commercial, industrial, residential areas or of urban expansion. However, these diverse areas meet articulated through the calls flows, that is, for the circulation of people, merchandises, investments or decises.' ' For this author, the capitalist urban space? broken up, articulated, reflected, condicionante social, full of symbols and field of fights? it is a social product, resulted of actions accumulated through the time, and produced for agents who produce and consume the space. This condition if materializes in Golden as in any another city with the same characteristics, the enterprises as the Ecoville thus reflects this dynamics. In this context this work, developed in the Laboratory of Physical Geography is part of the activities of the Group of Partner-economic-ambient Research of Mato Grosso of the South has as objective to understand the process of incorporation of the real estate concept of nature in enterprises, having as research object the condominium Ecoville Golden Residence & Resort. Fact of relevance that justifies its elaboration is the alienation of the people who incorporate in these closed spaces a false relation of ' ' man-nature and good estar' ' , proportionate by means of the consumption and of the purchasing power, in which, the relation man and nature and welfare, he is vendida by the real estate market, as a solution for the problematic socioambientais of the city.