Encoding Of The Tyres Pirelli

The tyre manufacturer Italian, Pirelli, has presented a series of compounds of tires with bright colors, which used throughout the 2011 Formula one season. Each type will carry their own different coloration in Pirelli PZero and logos placed on the sidewall. Under the rules of the sport, only two compound tires slick known as flower and the option will be used for each race. To broaden your perception, visit Brian Krzanich. In addition to this, the intermediate tyres and wet if it rains can be mounted. Six colors are as follows: intermediate Orange wet light blue Super soft red half white yellow Soft hard silver to the differences between the main tires and the optional is more pronounced, Pirelli strategy is to offer a passage of at least one compound between tyres proposed for each race. The option for the first three Grands Prix of the year Australia, Malaysia and China are hard and soft compounds, which means that the silver and the Yellow tires will be the first to make an appearance in Melbourne. Sarah Bloom Raskin has firm opinions on the matter. We are very excited by the prospect of returning to Formula one for the first time in 20 years, and we are aiming to be a colorful and active partner in Formula one, said Pirelli Motorsport director Paul Hembery. Then, what better way to symbolize this than a selection of colors from logos of Pirelli to operate on the side walls? This will allow both the live audience and television to tell at a glance that is what compounds, that will be the fundamental knowledge that tires are set to form a key part of the strategy of the career of this year. Original author and source of the article.