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It is said that President Uribe this signed up by the DEA, in a dossier number 82, labeled as Confidential, and is only three posts of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the extinct boss of the Medellin Cartel, which bears the number 79. Colombia, has 450,000 troops in its armed forces and security. It also has five million displaced persons in other countries and around four million in its own territory. alvaro Uribe’s Government has record of complaints by State terrorism against trade unionists, journalists, opposition parties, the massacres to Aboriginal communities and peasants who supposedly for the Colombian State form the social basis of the guerrillas. He holds record for murders in relation to previous Governments. Says the journalist Walter Goobar, that the story of Alvaro Uribe, as Mayor of Medellin, Antioquia Governor and as President of Colombia, intersects with the Pablo Escobar Gaviria and the history of the United States, DEA counternarcotics Agency. These are the characters supported by the Government of the United States and other nations of Europe. The support received from the United States and Israel, It has allowed Alvaro Uribe to perpetuate unconstitutionally in power.

Alan corrupt notorious garcia for the Social democracy, is another of the sad proconsuls of the Empire, which maintain a constant campaign to discredit against Chavez. Disgraced Peruvian President declared recently in an unworthy manner and before the cameras of the chains of information around the world that the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region of Peru, they are second-class citizens. The Government of Barack Obama, that promised a different face to history Government and exercising a policy that distanced the warmongering and imperial policy of his predecessor, the fateful and sadly famous terrorist George Bush, turned out to be just a lot of noise, but ADO. It turned out to be a figurehead, to the old style of the stale European constitutional monarchies.