European Process

Of this form, the government could not only reduce expenses as well as to support the free choice. A document that says on the crisis of the public universities considered emergenciais measures as the payment of water, light, telephone, magnifying of the vacant number, increasing the amount of pupils for room, devotion bigger of professors and diversification of the sources of financing of the public universities. Amongst the aspects gifts in this process, the pressure of international organisms must be cited as U.S.A. and European companies for the opening of the Brazilian educational sector, being evident that this pressure must to the benefit that this liberalization of the commerce backwards. What it still more becomes evident the process of mercantilizao of the education Brazilian superior.

Beyond the actions of the federal government, in the privatization process, the So Paulo state government also deserves critical of the academic community for events in public superior education. Among others points five executive orders of So Paulo had been forwarded and if they had become objects of intense debates, therefore these wound and question the university autonomy, break up the education of the public educational system what it has as resulted the weakness politician of the public education and the movements in defense of education. Students in protest had occupied diverse reitorias of So Paulo public university demanding the fight against the university reform. Currently, the institutions need to ask for authorization to the federal government for the fulfilment of its more elementary obligations, as the payment of its water accounts and electric energy. this still is autonomy? In the campus of the FCLar, pupils had occupied the reitoria, but the request of ownership reintegration was taken care of and the force if the reason sobressaiu in relation, what he was not legitimate, but legal. The crisis which the civilization contemporary this passing this seated on the capitalist economic logic, in this phase of mundializao of the capital, we are living at a time where the legality if sobressai what he is legitimate.