Production sites by data suppliers to data users Lindau, August 8, 2011 the company ALPLA is a leading company in the plastic processing. The core business is the manufacture and design of plastic bottles, caps and packaging systems. Already in 1955, the international company was founded by Alwin Lehner and his siblings in the Austrian hard in Vorarlberg. The company counts more than 10,000 employees in over 140 factories in 37 countries, thus, the family-owned company offers a worldwide service network that is second to none. The turnover in 2010 were 2.6 billion euros. ALPLA had set itself the goal, eMIS all works within the framework of the project”to integrate into a standardized reporting system based on database for consistent reports. The enterprise management information system (eMIS”) allows all stakeholders worldwide access to decision-relevant data with the help of a Web platform.

Own additions and extensions are always possible. Also the possibility of budget variations to start simulations or to respond without changing the target budget complicated quickly to changing market conditions. Everything is documented by the system and historicized. For eMIS”a data warehouse built on originally services based on MS-SQL Server 2000 with analysis. Is the required production data from the works are imported automatically. After the first stage of implementing BI with standard reports, the gradual extension of the systems was to achieve a targeted and continuous optimization. Because it has been found that the works understood primarily as data suppliers for the headquarters and not as a direct user data reported himself. In addition, the flexibility of the reports did not meet the requirements and could be answered only by inefficient processes certain issues at the headquarters. Resulting actions at ALPLA were derived to obtain a long-term optimization of the identified situation. Starting on the Central sales area created a prototype for data analysis to check the general concept of flexible data analysis.