External Assessment

Everyone has them, almost no one exploits its full potential. There is talk of soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork and customer orientation. While their importance is known to all. Ask an employer targeted soft skills in their job advertisements in surveys of top managers they often level with skills and knowledge provided. And it skills are often ridiculed soft.

Where’s the problem? The conflict is the discrepancy of self – and external assessment. Actually, everyone has heard of soft skills reading, exercises made or even courses attended. The secret is training optimize”explore developing! Some have heard perhaps of the four sides of a message and try to use them, but are self – and external assessment, when it comes to soft skills goes, often two pairs of shoes. The recipe for success is a soft regularly to train their own skills to optimize, on the other hand, at the current profession and to adapt the IT environment. The and yet “much more, the participants in the training can soft skills for software architects” learn to the ITech progress within the framework of the education for the Certified Professional for software architecture advanced level “offered by iSAQB. This, just this training is a milestone in the training programme to the CPSA-A, since it provides the necessary points for the communicative competence. The ITech progress offered training offers a particularly intensive training through small group sizes of up to ten people.

In terms of content the participant communication models and new findings from the world expect skills, as well as exercises adapted to your IT environment, which effectively put into action to have learned, and as a result remain in memory soft. “The next training soft skills for software architects” will take place from 8th to 10th of July 2013 in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine or in Nuremberg. More information at fileadmin/user_upload/PDF/Academy/iSAQB_Soft_Skills_1.0.pdf. Of course the company ITech questions progress also like under 0621 / 595702-41 or by E-Mail at. MAREN Doring, ITech progress GmbH