Familiar Budget

Amongst the several other concerns that the Brazilian government possesss, the inflation is certainly one where the attentions always are come back to prevent it or at least attenuating it. Given the decades where the increase of prices was constant and in sped up rhythm, all the cares of the authorities objectifying to control this so harmful problem to the society are praiseworthy and must be supported. What the government has made to control the inflation? Which the main factors that currently affect the prices of our economy? Which the importance of the products and services in the composition of the inflation? The increase of prices is determined by diverse factors such as increase of the search, increase of the production costs, reduction of offers among others. On the other hand, also it can occur a reduction in the prices, deflation, that can be determined by an increase in the productivity, increase in offers, this occurs very with agricultural products, or other factors. However, given times where already the perversity occurred and that affects the people, the great concern of the majority of the people is with the inflation.

A great concern of the government is to measure the inflation that is next possible to the real increase of the prices in accordance with what the people buy. For this, a measure that encloses a great number of people and with that, on average, these people spend the income for month. To come close itself to the reality, the government chose as measured official of inflation the one that is measured by the IPCA (Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer) measured by the IBGE and that it encloses families who gain up to 30 minimum wages in ten regions metropolitans and the city of Goinia.