Five Rules

I think each of us have had, ever feel a sense of hopelessness. At such moments it seems that if you are in a closed trap, where there is no escape. And in his mind flashed a desire to leave! Spit up and let the unattended! And there, perhaps, somehow everything will be resolved … If your life is a situation that you seem desperate, in any case do not give up! Do not let things take their course! Believe me, this does not solve your situation! Much to our regret, Many people give up too quickly, take a defeat without trying, and several options to address and solve this situation. In the first place. Whatever your situation, do not allow yourself to think like a man struck: – "Y I have neither of which would come! "" I can not cope with this! "" What I am a poor and miserable! ". Stop complaining and focus your attention on self-pity.

After all, so you just drive themselves into the image of the victim and assert themselves Suppose you're a victim – of this you will only get worse. Stop complaining and look for more and more cons in this situation – this is in no way solve your situation. It is better to focus your attention on the search function and making this situation. Second. Be strong, because in moments of desperation as you no when you need strength, tenacity and perseverance! Get together with strength, courage and efforts to address and break the deadlock.