Floor Screws

Drain can be organized in two ways: * The drain hose can be hung on the edge of the sink or tub with a plastic guide, which included delivery of a washing machine. But it is important to ensure that the hose was not in the water, because in such a situation arises effect of 'pulling the water', as a result it begins to fill and drain the excess water at the same time * tie-in drainage. Box easiest to implement by organizing a sink in the siphon washbasin or sink. To do this, sometimes it is necessary to buy a new trap, or a separate item for the siphon, which has an additional input for the hoses on washing machines and dishwashers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as MetLife by clicking through. This connection is also possible to "siphon effect" (drawing water), to prevent it in the drain hose valve must set (sold in hardware stores). Before starting the machine need to unscrew the shipping screws.

Transportation screws on the back wall, they can be from 2 to 4 pieces. After unscrewing the shipping screws should remove the back cover to remove the clamps, located between the tank and the rear wall, and into which these screws are fastened. Also, in some models inside, on either side are the seals, they must also be removed. To facilitate this step look at the instructions, usually in It has diagrams and pictures that illustrate the process of preparing a washing machine to the first wash. And the last point – the alignment of the machine with feet and level. An important condition – all four feet must be stable on the floor, and deviation from the horizontal should not exceed 2 degrees, otherwise the stabilizing mechanism will not work and the car will be noisy and vibrate excessively during the spin cycle. If the floor is installed on the machine, springs, control should be especially accurate. It is impossible in such a situation underlay under car rubber mats or other soft cover, it is better to use a thick sheet of plywood or particleboard. But if you're not confident in their ability or are faced with difficulties in connecting the washing machine, do not forget that there are professionals who are ready to quickly and accurately carry out this work.