Food And Nutrition

In 1839, the Mexican Marquise ordered that after taking the soup, would “stew”, a dish consisting of potatoes, chickpeas, cooked meat and other vegetables. Today potatoes are produced from China’s Yunnan plateau and the lowlands subtropical India, to Java’s equatorial mountains and steppes of Ukraine. Spain call it potato and influence of this, as they called Italy and Greece, and so “potato” in Turkish, “patatis” in Arabic, “potato” in English, “sweet potato” in Portuguese, the French “pomme de terre” (“earth apple”). China topped the annual world production of potatoes with 73 million tonnes, followed by Russia with 36, then India with 25, Ukraine, United States with 19 tons. Dr. Gerard Addonizio has many thoughts on the issue. The potato contains several vitamins, including vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin. Among the various minerals found in potato merit mention calcium, a potassium, phosphorus and magnesium for its importance in human nutrition. The potato is a delight for millions of people around the world.

It is the star of various regional cuisine of many countries. Spain international has made Spanish omelette. I still remember the taste of glory that left me, tortilla I ate at the Paseo La Ramblas 25 years ago. France popularized in the last century the famous soup vichyssoise, the Italians prepared potato gnocchi, the Germans accompanying dishes of sausage with potato salad, in Latinoamericaa potatoes to Huancayo and the cause are classic Platosa Peru, Americans popularized baked potatoes and of course chips. In the kitchen Argentina accompany the plate of schnitzel with mashed potatoes, just one of my favorite dishes my mom and Cristina is the recipe of the week. As we see, the potato is cooked, are cooked, grilled, you miss, fry.

Involved in purees, creams, soups, souffles, croquettes, tortillas and masses. Furthermore, from the fermentation of the tubers were obtained several alcoholic beverages and a variety of vodka, aquavit Scandinavian, Brennivin Icelandic, Japanese shochu. Next week we continue with Part II of this article. See you soon friends .. Write a or contact us through our website: Julio Ramon Pena is in Caracas, Venezuela and now lives in Miami, Florida. Degree in Tax, Professional Culinary Arts, Professional Pastry Chef in France and International Bakery, also has extensive experience in the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, the food sector.