This language used by Jesus indicates strong evidence. All will be whipped and shaken by mishaps, and will have plenty of problems, afflictions and tribulations of all kinds. Life is a test, a discipline, and a school of preparation. It is not surprising then these teachings of Jesus. Those who put in practice his teachings aguantaran and endure all the trials of life. Those who do not, do not. Obey or not to obey is the Foundation, the basis of life. Do the father’s will determines the entire course of life.

For example; There would be no suicides. Our character is subject to severe tests every day, in our home, in our work, in school and in all relationships we have in our lives. The temptations and tests, such as violent storms, we lash and attack the foundations of life. The winds and floods that we shake and lash test and They show the kind of Foundation that we chose for our House. Likewise our influence is tested every day. Jesus says that we are the salt of the Earth and the light of the world. How can the salt of the Earth and the light of the world be? Obedience is the solid foundation that produces the good influence.

Many people leave is carried away by the influence of idolatry, sorcery, witchcraft. They do not have a good foundation and why resort to falsehood. Hatred nor revenge would have neither. The proof of our relationship with others is put to the test daily. And many people battled with interpersonal relationships. Problems and conflicts lead us to hatred, bitterness, to lawsuits among men. The House of these is whipped by the winds and rivers of human passions and falls, but those who put into practice the teachings of Jesus are the fruit of the spirit. God tests us also in confidence.