Fuel Oil Price August

On the fifth day in a row, heating oil in Germany costs more than on the previous day in LEIPZIG. (Ceto) It came this afternoon, as it had to happen. As positive market data were still missing and also today the U.S. unemployment figures were higher than expected, the technically driven prices for US light oil of type of STI (declined by 64 cents to 81,80 dollars compared to yesterday’s day finally) and North Sea oil of Brent (dropped 74 cents to $81,36) collapsed significantly. Among investors today also a realistic view on the last published data prevailed of the Department of energy, which announced a reduction in the crude oil inventories 2.3 million barrels. Because whilst the reserves of petrol and Mitteldesillaten rose and gasoline demand in the United States has fallen, these numbers also could not support crude oil prices as firmer equity markets, where the price of oil-oriented, and the euro, which once again brought his yesterday’s loss of 1 cent on the dollar. Thus prices are approaching the back original usual for this time of year trading range between 70 and 80 dollars.

In the face of continued comfortable supply / demand situation we do not expect a permanent overcoming of the mark of 80 U.S. dollars per barrel, but in the coming months with a decrease in the direction of 70 US dollars”, as analyst Eugen Weinberg of Commerzbank commodity research. Also, he sees a further contradiction to an expected shortage of crude oil in the difference between the short – and long-run contracts, which recently strongly declined. The oil price in Germany, however, followed the yesterday’s gains and also responded on the fifth day in a row with premiums. After collection of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau, the 100-litre batch 22 cents more than yesterday and so 68.26 euro cost heating oil EL. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional differences are due to the market possible at any time.