Fun Cars, ATVs And Quads On German Roads: The Obligations Of Drivers

Some subject to traffic rights considerations to the so as since the sixties of the last century there are within the niche of the so-called “fun”cars (i.e. ATV, Quad and buggy etc.) a rapid development. Quads or ATVs (all terrain vehicle)”considered 30 or 40 years ago the absolute exotics of the traffic, so this has changed radically in recent years. Today, there are one or even more events, races or competitions, which are the vehicles with the misshapen balloon tyres in the Centre of attention in all Germany almost on every weekend. And also in the “normal” traffic you can increasingly see buggies, ATVs or quads. Reason to take enough to the complex issue of “Fun cars on the roads” are more closely scrutinized. Because who thinks that a newly purchased quad or buggy immediately may be used after delivery on Germany’s streets, powerfully wrong.

Basically, such vehicles can namely only then legally in operation * be taken if some important rules are observed: 1). Trademarks and compulsory insurance: Like all other vehicles, which are powered with a motor, so must lead a flag also ATVs or quads. The registration is so as required such as for cars and mopeds for quads. Equally, quads or ATVs must have therefore also an insurance and prominently mounted carry the mark assigned to them. (2) tags: Quads supplied as standard only very rarely so, they obtain an approval. Usually additional components must be integrated into vehicles: speedometer, (with stand – headlamp high beam) headlights, brake lights, and indicators must be retrofitted almost always.

In case of doubt the importer can help surely, because he must know the regulations in Germany. (3) TuV: the superiors as components are already available, they must be controlled yet by TuV. After all, quads mostly by foreign designers are manufactured and imported only from German companies. (4) license: Motorcyclists must have a valid driving licence of the class B in Germany. The only possible exception: If the Quad has less than 50 cc also the driving licence of the class S is possible. (5) helmet: absolute helmet is obligatory for Quadlenker on Germany’s roads! Who respected all of these items, which can take entertaining forays on the local streets with his quad or buggy. For everyone else, the first foray into the new Quad may end but already with massive problems. Because since the fun cars are becoming increasingly popular, even the police looks ever-better, whether the arms actually comply with the legal obligations. Quad race * the herein stated information is valid only on public roads of in Germany and not refer to trips in the private grounds, forest or within farms!