Future Business Center

Virtually impossible to imagine effective and productive performance of the firm, if the professionals are not provided with proper level of security, and there is no opportunity to go on the Internet. So, for this reason the basis of high-tech business centers are a network LAN, and system access control. The local network includes multiple personal computers and various peripherals (eg printers) and telephones, or even communicators. It is hard to imagine a company that can completely eliminate the use of a local network, because for a full exchange of information, negotiation, and simply communicating with partners are needed computer and telephone networks. In order to organize the system worked smoothly, you must make sure in advance that the design and material of the room's walls are not affected as a signal for the future. If the state office workers grows, with it increasing the load on the LAN. Any company that provides services to design a LAN, simply must anticipate and prevent these features. ACS – access control system.

An excellent example of such a system – a turnstile or door, which is mounted a special reader. The main task of the system access control – to allow or deny access to any part of the industrial premises. The principle of operation of the system is simple – if the secret code card complies with the reader, the door opens. All modern control systems Access restrictions are crossing. Therefore, when building and designing access control systems must be taken into account not only the current situation in the business center, but be prepared for radical changes in the nearest term.

Structured cabling systems, or abbreviated as SDR are combined into one phone line and Ethernet.