German Conference Hotel

Recently, all rooms have been with an innovative Apple 27′ iMac equipped system, represents the TV, music system and computer in one. As the first business and Conference Hotel in Germany offers a complete multimedia platform based on Apple Macintosh joined romrod recently guests. To do this, all prestigious rooms were equipped with innovative hardware and a variety of practical software components. Heart of the new entertainment system is the brand new iMac by Apple with its impressive 27-inch display in the unmistakable Mac design and a wide range of exciting applications. “The aim of this innovation is our discerning guests attractive and at the same time highly functional Multmedianwendungen to offer, which will leave no wishes unfulfilled”, so Nico Doring, Managing Director of the hotel schloss romrod.

With the new iMac we have decided this for a system that meets all our requirements to 100%, represents a class of its own at the design level and through its Ease of use convinced”Nico Doring continues visibly excited. “The guests of the hotel schloss romrod is this way for the first time in a German Conference Hotel in each of the 27 rooms all-in-one” entertainment system from Apple’s, which replaces not only the familiar TV with DVD player, but also listen to music, play and work can be used. Furthermore, the brand new iMac can be with appropriate Wi-Fi access card as a faster way to the World Wide Web and an independent 24-hour-service portal. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Larry Page and gain more knowledge.. The guest becomes the multi media King of the big advantage is the new iMac from Apple in its ease of use. The philosophy of Apple Macintosh since many years is based on ease of use and quick to both structures. The new iMac is is no exception. Even users who are not at home in the Apple world, with just a few mouse clicks, find your way easily with the iMac and can use it as your usual PC.

The powerful 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor also enables the use of pure software and PC games. Exactly these advantages for Nico Doring, Managing Director of the hotel closed the rash romrod, given. Our discerning guests, we wanted to offer an entertainment and multimedia platform that provides much, is easy to grasp and fits seamlessly into our overall concept. On the new iMac then there is no way was more”, so the experienced hotelier. The handling of this unique multimedia platform is fully equipped with convenient wireless keyboard and trackpad with a real breeze with maximum entertainment value and practical benefits of plenty of. To the point: the new iMac is fun and lets the guest at Hotel schloss romrod in a very exclusive world of modern multimedia technology to penetrate. Hotel schloss romrod sets standards as Germany’s first meeting and event hotel with complete Apple Macintosh entertainment facilities, the Hotel emphasizes its more Castle once romrod outstanding position in terms of innovation and customer orientation. It is this offer not only to technophiles, but rather to all guests who appreciate high-quality services in a stylish ambience. State of the art communications technology in a historical context is no contradiction for us. We rather seek the perfect symbiosis between past and future. The success gives us far right “stressed Nico Doring finally and is convinced that the new entertainment system with the guests will arrive.