German Shepherd

Choosing a good domain name for your Blog or website is vital. Why? Your domain name is one of the factors that influence your brand. Second domain also has some impact on your search engine optimization (i.e., if it contains any of the main key words) and will direct traffic (if your domain is hard to spell few people remember him) a common mistake when choosing a domain name is done based on short-term considerations. I.e. focus only gonna dedicate, with that domain, in the next three or four months, and buy a name of domain around that idea. Suppose that you are a person fond of dogs, including German shepherds, and decide you’re going to start a Blog on that topic. After making the appropriate investigations of market, purchasing the domain.It is a good domain because it is short and descriptive, has the main keywords and the Blog grows, you have good position in search engines and many Subscribers, but after a year the blog reached its ceiling. In that moment you realize that to grow the blog would have to begin to cover other breeds of dogs, and not only the German Shepherd.

Do you know one thing? too late! You’re trapped in your domain. At this point your options are, or continue writing about the German Shepherd and accept the fact that your audience will be limited to fans of that dog, or buy a new domain and start from scratch. From experience I can say that the latter is not, for anything good. If you don’t want to be caught by your domain, you must plan for the future with time. Ask yourself until point can take the Web site with the domain that you own or have intention to buy. What limitations do you have? The creation of niche Web sites is not a bad idea in itself, but you should be aware that have limited potential. If you want to create a business out of your Web site or Blog that relates these, then the domain name should not be limited to a small niche or market segment.