Aerial view of a wind energy plant in Spain
Wind energy is a very important source of energy in Spain. The Spanish energy plan foresees generate 30 of its energy from renewable energy to reach 2.1 GW in 2010. It is expected that half of this energy comes from wind energy sector, thereby avoiding the emission 77 million tons of methane into the atmosphere .
For several years in Spain is higher than the theoretical capacity to produce nuclear and wind power is the world’s second producer of wind power after Germany. Spain and Germany also came in 2005 to produce more electricity from wind farms that from hydroelectric.
Manner, wind energy in Spain broke the March 19, 2007 a new production record, to achieve the 8375 MW to 1740 hours due to strong winds that swept much of the peninsula. This was in momemento that a power greater than that produced by the six nuclear power plants in Spain totaling 8 reactors which together generated 7742.32 MW.
The annual average is at 10 of the total Spain in mid-2007 produced 20 of global wind power.