In literature most recent, thinking, investigating and theoretical commonly they affirm that the world is to become each smaller, unified and interdependent time, but in the truth, it is each broken up and different time more. It is possible to observe signals for the side all. The European countries have in arms a crisis of calamitous public debt, of such order of magnitude, that threat not only the survival of euro, as well as the European construction. Many are the politicians who already reequacionam the free circulation of people and good between countries. It starts to exist a support, each stronger time to the populist politics, in the seio of the Europe and the United States. On the other hand, the Organization of the Exporting Countries of Oil is to break up, due to the increase of the tensions between Saudis and Iranians, mainly for the control of the energy sources, with the consequent increase of the prices of the oil, for all we. Additionally, although the fall of some nationalists in Average East, the nationalism is in growth in countries as China, Russia and Brazil. The anger of Brazil relatively to flooding of Chinese cheap importations is of this a good example.

The measure that the countries of the emergent markets if become richer, the global balance is modified, that is, enters in contradiction with the nations richest, but also between itself. These countries have money and the confidence to take its proper decisions. Thus, regional and the place comes back to have much importance. The perception of our proper reality is molded in comparison with the one of our neighbors, and not in relation the countries that are far, that in many cases, live deeply richer, happyer and more prosperous lives. With the increment of measures of individual interest and proteccionistas, we will be able to attend the diving of the planet in a very dangerous contraction, as it happened in 1930, after the Great Depression. Source of the article: