Google As A Spelling – Reliable?

Can you figure out the correct spelling of a Word using the largest search engine? Google has a relatively new feature, called “Search Suggestions”. The search suggestions are among the features of Google, which is the most popular search engine always unverzichtbarer and always verzichtbarer going to other websites. Also soccer scores or the weather forecast for the own place directly in Google appear for some time. Using search suggestions so you can find out for several months on Google itself without leave having the Google Web page, as a common geschriebens Word like “Rhythm” correctly writes itself. To the corresponding word on Google in the search field is entered, for example the misspelled version of “Rhythm”. Now, Google in the search suggestions below displays the correctly written version of “Rhythm”.

So you know the correct spelling quickly and easily and must seek no editing or the Duden. But can you always count on the suggestions by Google? Google suggests getting the spellings that occur most frequently on google itself. This leads to dangerous pitfalls, because sometimes, the most common version of a word on Google is not the right thing. An example of this is “Yin and Yang”. This we usually “Ying and Yang” misspelled. A look at the Google results also impressively shows this: “Yin and Yang”, Google finds 1.85 million results for the correct version of “Yin and Yang”, however, obtained only 88,000 results.

There still a lot more examples of this kind of the misspelled version almost an equal amount or more results on Google has.” Yin and Yang “represents just the tip of the iceberg known. And the greater the difference between the various spellings, the more likely many people assume this spelling in their own Schreibstil.Und the more people take this incorrect version in her own style of writing, the difference is the greater turn on Google again several people make detectable Ergebnisse.Was, use the incorrect version. This is practical an endless loop, which is almost unstoppable. A quick look in the Duden would have sufficed here however. So, you can see that you can rely not on the spelling suggestions from Google and a quick glance at a Web site like or can help, also quick and easy to find out the correct spelling. And also it does depend on as so by the giant search engine Google. You should be always aware, that they still had not before 15 Google and even then people figured out quickly and easily the correct spelling of a word – “analog” manner, which means views in the Duden, or by asking friends or acquaintances. But also just try out this type of “nostalgic” discovery of the correct word! Oliver Krumes