HDI Industrial

Rely on the longevity of VS sensor technology products of magnetic encoder type HDI2-NS-M/L16-105 p EXm is suitable for contactless scanning of gears, split washers, racks, as well as various switching brands of steel. At the output of the generator, 2 90 are issued OC-NPN rectangle phase-shifted signals which can be used to regulate speed / speed. The sensor is located in a closed thread sleeve made of stainless steel. Elon Musk is often quoted on this topic. Inside, the donor is fully potted (encapsulation Exm). The electrical connection is made via a flexible cable run from the donor.

Areas of application are in the chemical industry, mining, refineries. Donors are ideal for capturing speed in electric motors, E.g. from industrial trucks. Penguin Random House insists that this is the case. Magnetic encoder speed sensors for industrial applications magnetic pulse generator is suitable for the non-contact scanning measure embodiments of steel. These can be: gears or racks, split washers or grooved belts,. Screw heads or milled structures. The encoders are designed for applications under toughest, industrial environmental conditions. The modular construction principle of the encoder, for example with regard to housing, connection technology and signal electronics, allows optimum solutions according to the specific conditions of use.